Meta, v. 65, no 1



Reflections on discourse analysis

  • Traduire dans un monde de signes non traduits : l’incidence de la multimodalité en traductologie
  • Comparing across languages in corpus and discourse analysis: some issues and approaches

New contexts

  • Volunteer translators as ‘committed individuals’ or ‘providers of free labor’ ? The discursive construction of ‘volunteer translators’ in a commercial online learning platform translation controversy
  • Manipulation of translation in hard news reporting on the Gulf crisis: combining narrative and appraisal
  • Taking mediated stance via news headline transediting: a case study of the China-US trade conflict in 2018 Binjian
  • Traduction intersémiotique et contexte : des contrats en bande dessinée en tant que documents juridiques accessibles

Fine methods

  • A corpus-assisted SFL approach to individuation in the European Parliament: the case of Sánchez Presedo’s original and translated repertoires
  • Shifts of agency in translation: a case study of the Chinese translation of Wild Swans
  • An SFL-based model for investigating explicitation-related phenomena in translation
  • Du texte aux ressources multimodales : faire avancer la recherche en interprétation en utilisant un corpus existant

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