Meta, v. 65, no 3



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  • Translation and Canadian municipal websites : A Toronto example
  • Deontología y traducción : elementos para el análisis de la profesión
  • Strategies in a corpus of simultaneous interpreting. Effects of directionality, phraseological richness, and position in speech event
  • Implementing and managing remote public service interpreting in response to COVID-19 and other challenges of globalization
  • Nadsat in translation : A Clockwork Orange and L’Orange Mécanique
  • Une ancienne traduction de La Nouvelle Astrée « ad usum delphini » ? La double lecture du texte
  • Reescrituras interseccionales del cuerpo no normativo : el caso de Special
  • Translating planting and payoff in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy
  • Aigo ! Le casse-tête de la traduction littéraire d’interjections onomatopéiques coréennes
  • Obscuring the speaker’s stance : when explicitating results in implicitation

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