Meta, v. 68, no 2, août 2023




An Eco-translatology approach to investigating the translation of comics: Case study of The Sayings of Zhuangzi, Yi-Chiao Chen

Quelle traduction ! A study of the translation of French quel and English what exclamatives in political discourse, Faye Troughton

Traduire minstrel et blackface en français : mission impossible ?Frédérique Brisset

Romain Gary’s collaborative self-translations: Translational beyond translation, Eugenia Kelbert

Portrait des professionnels, des professions et de l’industrie du langage du droit au Canada, Marie-Hélène Girard

Translation of personal official documents: Examining Australian norms and practice, Mustapha Taibi & Uldis Ozolins

Las repeticiones voluntarias y reparadoras en la lengua del cine español e italiano, original y doblado, Pablo Zamora Muñoz

Relevance of ELF speakers’ source speeches: interpreters’ interventions, Michaela Albl-Mikasa

Organising a Latin-American anthology in translation under the auspices of the US State Department in the 1940s: translators and editor’s correspondence, Eliza Mitiyo Morinaka

Best sellers y censura franquista: las traducciones de Teresa Pàmies, Montserrat Bacardí

The (non-)translation of English-language, embedded social media quotes in Norwegian and Spanish online news texts: Effects of assumed levels of reader proficiency? Annjo Klungervik Greenall & Lucía Aranda


Delving into a translator’s journey of translating marginalised voices of Bengal: An insightful discussion with V. Ramaswamy, Bidisha Pal & Md. Mojibur Rahman

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